Sandy Pfund

Asia, GCC Region, D-A-CH Remote
[Business language: German, English]

IFZA Business Park, A2
Dubai Silicon Oasis, Dubai
United Arab Emirates


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​Graduate Industrial Engineer,
Accredited Enterneer® (MBB),
Corporate Leadership & Development Program,
Certified CRE Analyst & Portfolio Manager,
Qualified Construction Mechanic.




Enterneering® FLAT Request,
Enterneering® Implementation Sparring Request,
C-Suite Sparring and Coaching.




Sandy Pfund was born in Germany in 1974. His professional life began in the year of German reunification. He worked away on low-paid jobs until he graduated in economics and engineering. Following that, he worked as a certified real estate expert and portfolio analyst. Over the next two decades of his professional life, he steadily climbed the corporate ladder, assuming various executive positions, and ultimately rose to the top.

Sandy has worked both small engineering companies and large international corporations. He has experience with municipal utilities and in the manufacturing industry. Sandy has worked alongside the founder of a start-up in the energy-IoT sector, propelling it to become an excellent growth champion in Germany. He was instrumental in the successful sale of the company to one of the largest energy groups in the world. He understands the challenges faced by dynamically growing companies and has built and expanded conventional organisational forms before subsequently transforming them in large parts into agile working environments.

Sandy has worked with several people in a wide range of situations. His areas of responsibility have always been close to top management, granting him exposure to different leadership styles, management methods and personal behaviour patterns. He has furthered his understanding in these areas through many training courses. As he was always connected to the employees, he was able to reflect well on interrelationships and impact within the organisation of the company. He has witnessed companies in economic crises as well as during periods of disproportionate growth and success.

Sandy has learned a great deal as a person, employee, leader and managing director, made his share of mistakes and achieved success. All these experiences, impressions and insights have led him to dedicate a significant portion of his time to Enterneering®. For him, Enterneering® stands as a synonym for a concrete part of the work at the top of every company. He wants to help other people work more effectively 'on' their company instead of doing the work of others in the company.

Sandy has founded Enterneering and he has decided to invest his time as consistently as possible in supporting entrepreneurs and executives, distributing his knowledge and long-term experience as well as serving as a sparring partner in the practical management of tasks related to Enterneering. 


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