Susan Mertten

Asia, GCC Region, D-A-CH Remote
[Business language: German, English]

IFZA Business Park, A2
Dubai Silicon Oasis, Dubai
United Arab Emirates


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Professional Experience
[>25 years]

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Consultancy:  email HR Admin.:  email
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​ Professional Diploma in Management,
Certified Agile HR Manager,
HR Business Coach,
Human Resources Manager,
BBA Accounting and Finance,
Assistant Tax Consultant.




Enterneering® FLAT Request,
Enterneering® Implementation Sparring Request,
C-Suite Sparring and Coaching.




Susan Mertten was born in Germany in 1976. She is a co-founder and HR business coach at Enterneering®. She has more than 25 years of professional experience, including more than 10 years of management experience. She has worked in various industries (energy, IT & e-commerce, automotive/manufacturing, shipping, tax/finance) in Germany and abroad.

Susan has extensive technical and practical knowledge of human resources, culture, and organisation. She has worked in traditional industries and companies as well as in young, highly dynamic and technology-orientated working environments. In addition to all kinds of general HR topics, she also has many years of experience in the areas of operational excellence in HR, agility, smart recruiting, talent management, data protection & information security, digitalisation, as well as process and change management. She has management experience as a team leader and HR manager and was a member of the executive management board at C-level for many years.

Susan is a qualified tax clerk and studied business administration and management at the University of Hong Kong and the Open University UK. She later successfully completed the compact degree program in HR management at Quadriga University in Berlin. She is a certified agile HR manager and has undergone further training in business coaching.



Direct Links:

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