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There are different ways for people at the top of organisations to meet the challenges of the 21st century. There are different priorities that can be set and just as many different skills, experiences and habits. Enterneering® is one approach for getting resilience by empowerment.

Building a company, growing it effectively and leading it successfully through evolution and transformation needs to be learned and trained. Bringing people and organisations to peak performance and manoeuvring them through change processes requires ambition, passion and special skills. The larger and more complex companies become, the more important the three pillars of culture, people and organisation become. Enterneering® stands for targeted work on these three pillars. Entrepreneurs, CXOs and executives need to be familiar with them to be able to hold their own in the VUCA world of the digital age.


Resilience by Empowerment


There are different ways for people at the top of organisations to meet the challenges of the 21st century. There are different priorities that can be set and just as many different skills, experiences and habits. Enterneering® is one approach for getting resilience by empowerment.





Enterneering® stands for a thematically focussed core activity of corporate management derived from the term 'enterprise engineering'. Enterneering® is an internationally registered and protected trademark. It is strongly oriented towards the so-called work on the company and not in the company and emphasises macro-management over micro-management.

The approach is based on the simplified view of a company as a kind of building, which consists of different layers from the inside to the outside, each with different functions and characteristics. In this view, the layers of the company, seen from the inside-out, are divided into processes, systems, projects, products, organisation, people and culture. Enterneering® specifically addresses the three outer layers of Organisation, People and Culture. In other words, it is about the areas that exist more or less for the entire company and have an impact beyond individual areas, products or projects. Enterneering® describes the knowledge and skills that are equally essential for all individuals with overall entrepreneurial responsibility, regardless of the products they sell, the sector or region in which they operate, and the customer or ownership structure they are associated with. For entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, it is not necessary to master all the Enterneering® elements in detail or execute them personally. Successful entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs know the most essential elements and can assess their importance to their company. Additionally, they can successfully delegate and control the execution of these elements.



Your Way


Learn more about how to achieve resilience by empowerment in the digital VUCA age here.

  • Empower yourself to work more effectively and consistently 'on' your business rather than 'in' it.
  • Aspire to transition from micromanagement to macromanagement.
  • Continuously expand your knowledge in enterprise leadership and train your personal skills while on the job.
  • Make your company and yourself fit for successful growth and change in digital age.
  • Assemble your individual action guide, save your favourites, and use helpful tools for planning, implementing, and monitoring your goals in effective Enterneering®.

The Enterneering® Roadmap

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The term Enterneering® is an internationally registered trademark. For more information, use Trademark Number 1683520 at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and 018571735 at the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).