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Implementation of Enterneering® = ‘Chicken-and-Egg’ Problem?

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For a successful implementation of Enterneering® within your company is advisable to adopt an approach that is as fully integrated as possible, in which the most important goals, tasks, and measures from Enterneering® are included with the other strategic goals and measures of your company as part of the regular corporate planning process. It is not advisable to implement Enterneering® as a parallel event, or in separate systems or processes. The higher the degree of integration of Enterneering® in the company's management system, the more sustainable the successes will be.

To follow this recommendation, the company must have a suitable strategy and plan with which the goals and measures of Enterneering® can be integrated. What does this mean? And what should the corporate planning be like to enable a meaningful integration?

To dedicate oneself to the planned development of the company in the Enterneering® sense, strategic management and corporate planning do not have to be perfectly established. However, there should at least be an awareness of strategic goals, and a long-term plan, in the company. Ideally, a suitable instrument or process will already exist to operationalise the corporate strategy, i.e., to realise it in practice.

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