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Elements of Enterneering®/Basics before starting/APP Guidance 

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delegation Technical Use
Get to know how to use the app's subscription on different devices. Understand the main technical setting options for your profile.  

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Available on iOS, Android, and as PWA on the internet

The app runs both as a native app on mobile devices as well as a progressive web application (PWA ➡ on each device connected to the internet. All our non-restricted content is available on iOS, Android, and PWA without any kind of registration. 

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​Annual subscription to use all content without advertisement

The comprehensive content (non-restricted and restricted) of the app is available after a subscription to the Apple or Google store. The subscription is valid for one year and is automatically renewed if not canceled before the end of the term. Our app may contain advertisements from third parties which is switched off for all subscribers.

IMPORTANT: All subscribers should additionally sign up with their name and email to our PWA platform after subscription using the profile icon in the header on the device they paid for their subscription. After this step, they will be able to log in to the PWA ( and access public as well as restricted content on any device connected to the internet.


For profile-related settings please follow this link ❯❯❯


delegation Functional Use
Get to know the most important functionalities of the app. Find your way around better and understand the basic structure. Recognise relevant points of reference. 

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​The Enterneering® app is divided into two main areas:

Knowledge & Experience

Implementation & Training
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Both areas are directly accessible from anywhere in the app.

In addition to classic menu navigation, cross-references and links between related or complementary content are provided at as many relevant points within the content as possible. This ensures that users can easily and consistently engage with the specific topic they are currently focused on.

We have opted for the approach 'keep it simple, stay focused & be safe' and have avoided the collection and storage of personal data, special tracking within the app, as well as complicated features as much as possible. The same applies to individual comment functions, chain dialogues, surveys, or forums. The app is primarily designed as a personal and individually usable companion.

Tutorial 1: Navigation