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Effective Delegation is Key

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Delegation is a difficult yet essential activity and is vital when it comes to business growth. Successful delegation needs to be learned and trained. Especially for young entrepreneurs or founders, it is often not easy to step back from being the best technician in the house. It is a transition towards becoming an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs and executives who do everything themselves and work long hours often find it impossible to take breaks, go on a holiday, and most importantly, allocate time to work on their business. The sooner you master the art of being an effective leader, the sooner you will attain sustainable success.

Effective delegation is an integral part of many leadership and management training programs. The right way to delegate can be learned and trained. However, before you get to grips with the HOW of effective delegation, it is highly advisable to have formed your own opinion about the WHY. There is a difference between a team manager and a CEO approaching the topic. The difference has less to do with hierarchy or authority than you might think.

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