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Technical Debt: Effective handling in executive management

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Although the term technical debt stands for work in software development that needs to be completed, changed or corrected, it can be applied to various areas in the organisation. This type of performance backlog arises wherever development work is incomplete, incorrect, or outdated because of decisions that have been made or delayed. As an entrepreneur and manager, you are well advised to deal with this issue consciously and authentically. Make it clear within your organisation where you stand on the issue, and what your expectations of the organisation and those responsible are. and what you are specifically doing to ensure that technical debt does not become a threat to the company. Also reflect on your own decisions and judgements, which may also lead or have led to technical debt.

Anyone who works in the field of software development or has come into contact with it has certainly heard of technical debt. The term is often used by developers themselves to draw attention to shortcomings in their work, which are often caused by decisions made by third parties and have a limiting or sometimes even critical effect over time.

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