Limited STARTER Promotion 'Friends & Partner' (iOS)

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Getting the best available rate for first-time subscriptions

We currently have different discount promotions for first-time subscribers, with possible individual discounts in a range of up to 80% off the normal price for an annual subscription. The availability or the level of these discounts depends, among other things, on which store the subscription is purchased from (Apple or Google), in which country or currency the subscription is purchased, and whether an additional promotional link or promotional code can be used. Due to the different influencing factors mentioned above, we cannot guarantee a specific amount of the individually available discount and expressly exclude any liability for this.

To determine the discounted price available to you on the Apple store for your subscription in the first year, proceed as follows:

  • You will receive the discount applicable to you by opening the following link, then clicking the "Subscribe" button and after this scrolling down and following the "iOS Promotion" link and entering your individual promotion code below.

Your one-time promotion iOS code >>> STARTER23XXL80EE <<<

Please make sure to write down the code because you have to type it in manually when entering the code into the iOS frame. You cannot navigate back here while typing it.

You can open this message again at any time in your profile settings under 'My push notifications'.



Please be sure to pay attention to the information displayed regarding the subscription as well as the terms and conditions. The subscription is valid for one year and is automatically renewed if not canceled before the end of the term. Keep an eye on your term and cancellation period and act early if you do not want to extend the subscription. The terms and conditions apply.

The app runs both as a native app on mobile devices as well as via the internet (PWA). All our non-restricted contents are available on iOS, Android, and PWA without registration. All subscribers should additionally sign up with name and email to our PWA platform after subscription using the profile icon in the header on the device they paid for their subscription. After this step they will be able to log in to the PWA ( and access public as well as restricted content.