Implementation Support

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Implementation support refers to project-related active support provided by an experienced Enterneering® expert throughout a development cycle. Although every company situation is different and the challenges and maturity levels within the organisation are always unique, it remains a systemic change and development process at its core. Such processes also follow a basic structure and can be prepared and implemented effectively and successfully through expertise and a practised approach. The special thing about this approach is that it is based on a structured and procedural approach and yet still contains a high degree of agility due to its iterative design and application.


Coached kick-off

Use the experience and impartiality of an expert to establish and initiate an Enterneering® process together with you. Let us help you with your self-reflection and conducting an assessment of your company. Benefit from the moderation and communication skills of an external expert for the effective initialisation of your development program within your company organisation.


Structured process guidance

Adopt the existing systemic and process-orientated approach in Enterneering® and let an experienced expert actively accompany and support you in an effective approach to successful transformation. Use the structured and emotionally distanced support of an expert. Overcome comfort zones and manage group dynamics. Ensure that blind spots, fluctuations in concentration, and competing interests do not jeopardise the success of your transformation by involving an expert who knows the process, employs a systemic approach, and is free from internal conflicts of interest.


Process-orientated coaching

Ensure that the approach and process of your development program follow a clear logic and are characterised by consecutive implementation steps. Use the expertise of the experts to ensure process orientation within your organisation. Ensure that a transformation process is effectively embedded in your organisation.


Practical implementation support

Depending on which elements need to be changed or developed and in what way, you and your organisation may need to intervene in existing structures or adapt existing routines or habits at several different points. In such cases, employing certain methods, systems, or tools may prove beneficial. Experienced experts can support you and your team in defining suitable solutions and implementation strategies, thereby ensuring successful implementation.


C-suite implementation sparring

With this special form of training and dialogue among experienced individuals, even highly personal and confidential topics can be dealt with without having a direct or adverse impact on the organisation or business. Engage experienced experts if you lack suitable dialogue partners in connection with specific content or if you value feedback, suggestions, proposals, or constructive criticism from people who possess a clear understanding of the business landscape and are unbiased.


Sometimes it's the small steps at the beginning of a journey that have a lasting impact over time. Find out if one of the Enterneering® experts is a good fit for you and request a personal video chat. Get to know our collaboration culture and our systemic approach to serving other individuals with entrepreneurial responsibility at their self-empowerment.​