Enterneering® FLAT

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Are you responsible for the effective transformation or evolution of your company’s system? Are topics such as cultural change, intelligent organisation, and effective people management at the top of your agenda? Do you want to engage specifically and consciously with effective Enterneering®? Let an experienced expert accompany you and draw on the relevant expertise for orientation and safe navigation on the path to the successful implementation of Enterneering®.

There is a smart alternative to extensive and cost-intensive consulting projects for your successful evolution or transformation. How about an effective combination of your skills and resources with the extensive knowledge and know-how in Enterneering® and a regular, bindingly budgeted external resource as a coach, sparring partner, and navigation aid? We call this Enterneering® FLAT! This is a solution that combines the advantages of coaching and sparring with the characteristics of self-empowerment and systemic development.



Your advantages:

Coaching + Sparring + Systemic development

  • Coaching: Strong focus on helping people to help themselves; sustainable development of skills and know-how remaining within the company; stimulation and promotion of personal inspiration and creativity.
  • Sparring: Strong focus on solutions and results in a practical training mode; real, practice-oriented feedback; impulses and criticism at eye level.
  • Systemic development: Strong focus on the company as an organism (system); consideration of the human factor in interaction with the cultural and organizational corporate environment.


​At a glance

  • Flexible 1:1 Coaching/Sparring
  • Up to 3 hours per session
  • Up to 15 hours within 6 months
  • Clear focus on development in Enterneering®
  • Needs- and situation-based content and topics
  • Fixed term over 6 months
  • Monthly flat rate [RRP***: 650.00 USD plus taxes] 
  • 15% discount for 12 months fixed term

*** Recommended price, please ask your expert.


Book a fixed contingent of development support from an experienced expert that can be combined according to your needs and situation at fair and binding conditions.


☛ Enquire for an information chat with one of the experts who is supporting Enterneering FLAT.