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If you are interested in joining Enterneering® and using our Signature as an expert, please read the following carefully. This involves the acquisition of rights of joint use in the form of a licence agreement and a service agreement for setting up and maintaining the expert profile. Each expert remains 100% autonomous and independent in their work as a coach, sparring partner or consultant. Nevertheless, the licence agreement includes a commitment to a common code of conduct as well as communication and publication guidelines. Our agreements are based on a subscription model with an annual cancellation option and transparent flat fees. They also include discounted initial conditions to minimise the risks in the first few months. To better understand the nature of a signature for coaches or consultants and the special features of our offer, you should read our article [🡕] on this topic and include it in your consideration of the following content.






We proudly introduce ourselves as the world's first Enterneering® Boutique based in Dubai, Silicon Oasis. Nestled in the heart of the Arabian Peninsula with its world-class infrastructure, we celebrate our individual digital age. With our German roots, a French application landscape, and a strongly engaged workforce hailing from Asia, we leverage a global expert network with digital connectivity spanning all continents.

Sandy Pfund
> 25 years of experience
> 12 years as MD

Infrastructure, Energy, ICT/SaaS, Engineering

Corporate development, strategy, organisation, portfolio management, finance, people & culture, operations
Susan Mertten
> 25 years of experience
> 20 years in HR/People

Industry, Energy, ICT, Tax/Business consulting

HR development, people strategy, recruitment, talent management, payroll, finance, employer branding



After years of working as executives, we have dedicated ourselves to the vision of serving others to raise their awareness and understanding of effective enterprise leadership in the digital VUCA age. We have integrated our extensive knowledge and decades of practical experience into the comprehensive Enterneering® program.



'Enterneering®' is equated worldwide with applied enterprise engineering at the top executive level.



Empowering entrepreneurs and executives around the globe to work effectively 'on' their enterprise.



Enterneering® is not a product, a method, and a tool!

Enterneering® is a discipline, a field of activity that is specifically dedicated to working 'on' the enterprise system. It therefore reflects one of the core tasks of an entrepreneur or executive with entrepreneurial responsibility.


The Purpose

We are establishing a global mindset and capability-based program for working effectively 'on' the business in the 21st century. We support people in leadership positions with entrepreneurial responsibility to effectively empower themselves and their organisation through the creation of transformational capabilities. We provide qualified experts in coaching and sparring with a holistic knowledge, service, and collaboration platform to successfully support executives in their empowerment.



Enterneering® specifically addresses the three pillars of Culture, People and Organisation. It focusses more on the areas that exist for the entire company and have an impact beyond individual areas, products or projects.



Enterneering® = Enterprise Engineering by supported Self-empowerment.

Target group:
- Entrepreneurs,
- HR, Organisation,
- Change Officer,
- Transformation Officer.

Main goals:
- Empowering target groups,
- Lifecycle-oriented improvement,
- Serving as coach/sparring partner.

Key results:
- Effective corporate evolution,
- Successful transformation,
- Improved resilience + performance.

Not desired:
- Selling a ‘one and only method’,
- Selling systems, tools, licenses,
- Acting like a specialist consultant.



3 PILLARS (Culture, People, Organisation) with 22 ELEMENTS

In our Enterneering® app, we have compiled a 360-degree overview of the three pillars of culture, people, and organisation. This compilation stems from our years of experience in enterprise leadership. We have crafted a user-oriented guide for entrepreneurs and top executives to better navigate the VUCA world and build resilient enterprises. Through our app, individuals in entrepreneurial roles will gain access to structured and holistic knowledge about the key elements of successful enterprise development in this challenging era.

The app offers users active support for implementation or further development by the experts. The experts are not expected to have memorised all definitions, correlations and recommendations for all 22 elements. However, they should be able to support the user effectively and in a planned manner while dealing with them and during successful implementation. The most important form of support here is a professional navigation and orientation aid as well as support in self-reflection or in analysing the situation to derive relevant action alternatives and measures.



Enterneering® does not describe a one-off process, but rather the continuous work of company management on the further development and transformation of the company in its core areas of culture, people, and organisation. Our process is structured in four phases and can be used for implementation or as an example for better understanding. Experts are not obliged to use this process with all clients.



We consider books, ebooks, social media posts, vlogs, recommendations between users, etc. as a landing gateway to our app. The app is available natively on Google or Apple stores and as a PWA on the Internet. Within the APP, we provide expertise, knowledge, and experience relating to Enterneering® so that visitors at least become users and engage more intensively with Enterneering®. On this basis, we offer users various forms of support through the experts. Users and experts can interact via comments on posts. Experts can make their contributions and users can find suitable experts. No contracts are concluded in the app and no orders or projects are brokered. Users get in touch with the expert of their choice and projects are negotiated and agreed bilaterally.



Protected Trademark and a unique synonym
- a dedicated field of C-suite management
- a dedicated group of experts
- no existing comparable technical term 

Highly frequented topic
- VUCA, New Work, Transformation
- Leadership, People Management, Culture
- Change, Growth, Innovation, Resilience

Smart market approach
- State-of-the-art APP (Native + PWA)
- Multiple options for advanced features
- Interacting with target groups
- Collaboration of aligned experts



Independence and flexibility at clients' front
- Each expert acts as a solopreneur
- Agreement between expert and client
- Each expert offers his prices
- Recommended prices for frame formats

Shared vision, mission, and focus
- Each expert acts as a solopreneur
- Agreement between expert and client
- Each expert offers his prices
- Recommended prices for frame formats

Independence and flexibility at clients' front
The expert's alignment creates a strong brand, high identity, and market power. The experts see themselves as bridge builders, companions, and C-suite servants.

Trustful exchange and cooperative support
The experts are solopreneurs but nonetheless one team with a shared commitment (code of conduct). The common focus connects, promotes knowledge transfer, and increases synergy effects. The experts can support each other, realise joint framework formats and complement each other in terms of expertise and time.



The expert profiles are created in the APP according to a standardised layout and design. Depending on the number and complexity, they are grouped by region/country; an extended grouping by predefined services can be added. The expert profile area is part of the manual search function for users.



Each expert can serve their clients individually and freely from the framework formats (e.g. Enterneering® TALKS) or solutions published in the APP, as long as it correspond to the approach and purpose of Enterneering®. The solutions and framework formats published in the APP are primarily intended to improve user understanding, facilitate decision-making and provide marketing support. If a specific framework format is used, its published description and the scope of the services included must be compliant with the applicable regulations.



Create, moderate, and channel the power and inspiration of the smart combination of regular C-group sparring of C-suite executives and accompanying one-to-one coaching by you as an experienced expert.

Enterneering® TALKS is our ultimate answer to the question of the golden mean between comprehensive, cost-intensive, and often imprecisely calculable consulting projects and occasional further training or ad-hoc coaching.

Benefit from providing a smart and contemporary learning, dialogue and training format for entrepreneurs and executives with entrepreneurial responsibility that is consistently geared towards sustainability, continuity, real practical relevance and comprehensive know-how at C-level.



​At a glance

  • 1x monthly C-group sparring session of 4 hours each
  • 1x monthly individual (1:1) coaching session of 1 hour
  • Clear focus on topics in Enterneering®
  • Effective work in small sparring groups (4-8 people)
  • Structured and moderated sparring
  • Absolute discretion and no competitors within the group
  • Cancellation at any time with 4 weeks' notice to end of month
  • 1x monthly flat rate [RRP***: 790,- USD plus taxes] 

*** Recommended price, please ask your expert.


  • Ideally, each expert has 2-3 talks (pools) with up to 8 clients from different sectors (no competitors).
  • Experts can also share or jointly set up pools or represent each other.
  • If necessary, clients can switch to another pool with more effective staffing for them.
  • With 3 pools, experts still have enough time for other projects or parallel topics. Clients can take advantage of structured C-Suite sparring sessions with real practical relevance.
  • Experts can use the talks to better understand the challenges and needs of clients.
  • Structured formats like Enterneering TALKS offer high leverage and the ability to scale solopreneurial business.



Below you can read the questions that experts have asked us most frequently so far and our answers to them.

Does an expert have to offer all the defined Enterneering® services to his clients?
No, each expert is free to decide. However, it is expected that at least the Enterneering® TALKS format will be adopted to facilitate an appropriate level of collaboration within our network.
Is the collaboration primarily focused on selling the APP?
No, generating revenue from the APP is only a minor aspect and not the primary objective. The APP’s price is consistent for both expert and client subscribers. The APP price aims to ensure a reasonable contribution margin and to maintain the intellectual property.
Do I acquire clients through the APP, or do I have to handle it independently?
We have an intrinsic interest in ensuring that the needs of both users and experts are met. Branding, marketing, and reach are also very important to us. In this context, increasing awareness of the published solutions is always included. The success of each expert also depends on other individual factors that affect the selection of users and are not determined by the app or the content. Experts should not assume in their planning that they will acquire new clients predominantly or even exclusively through the APP without actively engaging in their own network or business environment.
What are the components of the expert's costs for use and participation?
The costs consist of an annual fee for licensing and copyrights along with the annual APP subscription. In addition, there are the costs associated with the one-time setup of the expert profile and its annual maintenance.
Do experts have to purchase their entry into the network/platform by paying a long-term entry fee in advance?
No, this kind of fee, which is quite common in other models, is not charged.
What effort and risk should an expert expect in the first few months?
The initial effort will be to familiarise with the approach and the available know-how and knowledge. Additionally, the effort required to get structured services like Enterneering® TALKS up and running should be considered. We have limited the financial risk in the first six months to the one-time on-boarding fee. All new starters receive the licence free of charge for the first 6 months and have the option to terminate the agreement after the first 6 months (trial period). This means experts who choose to cancel their licence agreement within the trial period have invested the onboarding fee of currently up to EUR 1,750.00, the app subscription, and their hours during the start-up phase at their own risk.
Do experts have to commit to participating for several years or are there long commitment periods or hidden exit barriers?
No, we focus on fairness, transparency, and a win-win approach. That's why we offer annual agreements with automatic renewal in the event of non-cancellation, just like many other consumer subscriptions or insurance policies. However, experts who choose to terminate their agreements with us are subject to a fee equal to the setup fee for the removal of their expert profile and the associated system clean-up.
Is it a project placement platform like Noomii, Consultport, Comatch or Consultingheads and what placement rate of orders can be expected?
No, we are not a project placement platform. Our experts remain independent entrepreneurs and acquire clients and orders in their own name and for their accounts.
What are the total costs for interested candidates to participate as an expert?
In principle, the following applies: The level of the total annual charges depends on the related year (discounted initial year or following), the country and currency of the expert, and from which store the APP subscription is purchased (Apple or Google). As of 31 January 2024, the maximum amount for experts from the second year was slightly less than EUR 7,000. The discounted amount in the first year is significantly lower. Additionally, all new starters receive the licence free of charge for the first 6 months and have a one-off right of termination after the first 6 months.

Special conditions apply during the early start-up phase: In the early launch phase, we offer special conditions for the first year totalling less than EUR 2,000 for all participants. This applies to those who join when the process and characteristics of the newly established expert activity and network are still being determined and can only be roughly outlined.
What are the advantages of being an expert?
Experts have the right to use structured service formats (IP) and implement them within a network offering exclusive synergy and scaling effects. They can benefit from the appeal, reach, and recognition of a strong brand. They can utilise the advantages of an exclusive network of like-minded and highly experienced senior experts. They have unlimited access to bundled as well as structured knowledge and case studies. They can collaborate on projects or client pools with colleagues and have possible fall-back or substitution options (e.g., sick leave, vacation). Our experts can also leverage the digital platform for their own marketing through contributions, comments, and related social media activities.
Do experts have exclusive rights and a protected sales territory?
The experts generally acquire non-exclusive and time-limited rights of joint use. In this context, a 'home market' (region) for the expert is defined. All experts agree not to actively approach clients directly outside their region using certain Enterneering® formats. However, it is not prohibited to accept or execute contracts and projects in connection with Enterneering® outside this region.
Do experts have to share their revenues or accounting or is there a sales commission on the revenue from Enterneering® formats realised by the experts?
No, our experts are only required to take part in regular anonymised statistical surveys for marketing and quality purposes. Sales commission as mentioned above is also not charged on the revenue from Enterneering® formats.
Is it true that there are TOP conditions for experts where you must pay less than EUR 2,000.00 in the first year?
In the start-up phase, we offered such TOP conditions to all those who participated at a time when the direction and characteristics of the newly established expert activities and the expert network itself were still being defined and could only be roughly outlined. The conditions quoted above only apply to the experts in the first round of the introduction. Subsequently, there are special conditions for the experts in the subsequent phases until we reach an established and more easily comprehensible 'operating state'.
What is the business case for Enterneering®?
Enterneering itself is not the product. This is an important prerequisite for understanding the approach as an expert and applying it effectively. We distinguish between two perspectives: From Enterneering's point of view, the business case is to offer know-how, knowledge, guidance, branding, networking and marketing. The target group for this includes the users of the APP, both the end users and the experts. From the experts' point of view, the business case involves providing end users with professional support in the form of coaching, sparring, or approach-oriented consulting to navigate safely through the evolution or transformation in the context of Enterneering® and to accompany the self-empowerment of the people involved and the company organisations.
Is there a specific form of business ethics in relation to the handling of client and user data? Is the Enterneering APP also used to obtain valuable customer data so that it can then be used profitably?
Our approach is explicitly and exclusively based on the principle of supporting self-help and empowerment. Finally, we also make our knowledge and expertise available to anonymous users, including in the form of a book that can be obtained from third-party providers. In our APP, we only collect the data necessary for appropriate operation according to the state of the art, such as IP addresses, upstream applications from which the user visits the APP, or, if the user agrees, their geographical position. Registered users only provide an email address and a username in the APP, i.e. the minimum information required for a secure login. We do not have access to any of the user data associated with a subscription to Google or Apple, as the users subscribe through these platforms, not through us. In addition, our privacy policy clearly stipulates that we collect as little personal data as possible, solely for the sake of our own internal manageability on our site. We do not pursue a technology-based sales approach that triggers targeted sales campaigns based on user behaviour in other applications. It is worth noting that our approach may lead to a less favourable app placement and reach compared to more aggressive market players. Selling user data is entirely against our Code of Conduct and is not considered.
As a coach, I have committed myself to a certain codex that I would also like to see upheld in Enterneering®. How is this conformity handled?
Basically, we have a binding code of conduct to which we as the APP provider and each of the experts are committed. Fundamental principles such as confidentiality, tolerance, respect, integrity, and openness to solutions are our top priority. We have a clear understanding of what practices are unacceptable in our business operations. We do not act as intermediaries for experts nor do we show favouritism towards any particular expert. Every client has their contract directly with the expert of their choice, and we as the APP provider, do not have access to the experts. We do not endorse preferred or incentivised methods, licences, or tools through our APP or by the experts in the context of Enterneering®. We do not engage in traditional product sales with event-oriented special conditions, nor do we carry out product-related cold calling or similar. Instead, our focus is on benefit-oriented content marketing and target group-oriented networking. If we run dedicated advertising campaigns or advertisements, the focus is always on Enterneering® as a discipline or our APP as a platform.
Are the experts obliged to provide a certain amount of time or to contribute to the network to a minimum extent?
We do not impose any specifications in this regard, and there is no obligation for experts to make a minimum contribution. Ultimately, the success of each expert depends on their personal drive and strategic use of the network. The mere acquisition of the licence and the profile will probably not lead to optimal utilisation on its own. It’s important to note that we are not a project placement agency.
As an expert, how can I ensure that I do not contribute my activities and personal reach in a one-sided way for the benefit of the platform?
The principle of reciprocity is an elementary and indispensable component of networks like ours. Only those who are prepared to contribute themselves or something of value will also benefit effectively. Also, typical and logical is the order in which each individual participant (including operators and founders of Enterneering®) first contributes something before receiving anything back from the network. If everyone acts according to this principle, there is inevitably a multiplied added value compared to the impact of everyone. This impact, in turn, benefits all participants who actively engage and use Enterneering. In our case, there has never been a situation in which a single person (apart from the founder) has conspicuously dominated the reach, amplification, or catalysis of the entire network activities. In many cases, the individual experts lack the necessary time, variety of topics, volume of content, and continuity to achieve a comparable overall reach and an adequate degree of effectiveness in their personal network.
Can experts also provide other services that are not related to Enterneering®?
Yes, as long as these services do not impair the identity or image of Enterneering® or are in direct competition with it. Ultimately, there should be a right balance between the services offered, ensuring that the quality as well as the client experience remain satisfactory.
What specific benefits do I receive in return for my fees?
The licence and service fee covers the following content:
  • Shared use of the brand and signature
  • Shared use of expertise and knowledge
  • Participation in the expert network
  • Shared use of structured service formats
  • Visibility and reach as an expert in the APP
  • Interaction and publication opportunities in the APP
  • Participation in structured social media marketing
  • Expansion of access to target groups and markets
  • Introductions, hints and tips on Enterneering

Minimum sales or order volumes are not guaranteed. However, ensuring the economic success of the experts is an essential concern for us. Our activities are always aimed at increasing reach, stimulating demand and effective marketing. We can’t guarantee the volume of orders generated by each expert via the APP.
With whom do I conclude which specific agreements?
The experts have a licence agreement and a service agreement directly with ENTERNEERING FZCO, a company registered in the United Arab Emirates at the International Free Zone Authority (IFZA) with trade licence number 10464, based in Dubai Silicon Oasis.
Why is an off-boarding fee of the same amount as for onboarding due again if the service agreement is cancelled?
This fee is only incurred if the expert cancels the contract and it is only charged at the end of the second year and in subsequent years. It covers the cost of removing the expert profile, including personal content, as well as a very small part of the cost associated with replacing the expert. We find this expense- and occasion-orientated approach fairer and more transparent than allocating these costs within the ongoing fees.



We have set out to establish an independent and collaborative movement that aims to support managers and entrepreneurs in empowering themselves and their organisations through effective Enterneering®. Our focus is on sparring/coaching people with entrepreneurial responsibility in the areas of culture, people, and organisation.

We offer a smart and brand-new signature format for solopreneurs with attractive entry conditions for early adopters. We are not a project or contract brokerage exchange and we do not sell a well-honed business concept with lucrative profit prospects and general revenue sharing. 

We are looking for experienced C-Suite executives/coaches who are passionate about building or expanding their independence, regardless of what we offer. We are looking for individuals who are willing and able to share their extensive expertise in the form of sparring and coaching, fostering equal collaboration with entrepreneurs and CXOs. We are interested in working with individuals who recognise and want to generate a clear benefit and added value for themselves from our collaborative signature platform.

If you have read the above article (incl. FAQ) carefully and are seriously interested in working with us as an Enterneering® expert, please check the following requirements and request an interview to get to know each other. 

Requirements to become an expert
Your legal frame:
​Group independent company, freelancing or self-employed
Your qualification:
​Academic degree (Bachelor or higher)
Your Skills:
​Entrepreneurship, leadership, coaching, sales, conceptual work, corporate & organisational development, people, networking
Your professional experience:
​Minimum 10 years in relevant fulltime jobs;
Minimum 7 years in Enterneering-related fields;
Minimum 5 years leadership in a relevant context.
Your Investment:
At least the money for the initial onboarding fee, APP subscription, and LinkedIn Premium (up to 2,000 EUR) as well as at least 9 months of secured living funds/income (or a second source of income) and reasonable working equipment.
Your equipment:
​Work desk, Laptop/PC, mobile, facilities for video conferences, High-speed internet, personal mobility to reach their clients in person
Your Network:
A robust and usable personal network for better ramp-up
Your Mindset:
Solution-orientated, open-minded approach, high adaptability
Your / Our Don'ts:
Influenced by sales incentives for tools, systems, licenses;
Disregarding the code of conduct;
Dominant method-centred or scientific approach.
Do you fulfil the above requirements? Are you interested in taking the next step? Then request an interview to get to know each other!