Becoming an Expert in 4 Steps

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Lean registration and certification for qualified experts

If you are interested in joining Enterneering® and getting official authorisation and registration as an expert, please read the following.

This registration is a smart and affordable combination of using all our content for individual further development as well as guidance for commercial projects and becoming a profile as authorised expert within the Enterneering® APP.

This special offer is aimed at all individuals with relevant qualifications and professional experience, particularly those who have recognised further education in systemic business coaching or corporate cultural and organisational development.

Lean = Lean

To offer this service so favourably, candidates need to explore our approach, the app and its potential for yourself. You will find everything you need in digital format (posts, tutorials, podcasts) in our app, which you can subscribe to for a month. Please make sure that you take out the monthly subscription and not the discounted annual subscription, as registration as an expert is only possible with the monthly subscription.

Video: Enterneering® – Overview and Summary

Does the expansion or addition of our holistic approach to your range of services represent a valuable enrichment? Are you interested in getting closer to the current issues surrounding corporate change and transformation? Do you want to offer your clients specific solutions in terms of content or does the demand for your current topics still allow for such an expansion?

We have recently set out to offer solutions and answers as well as concrete support for the self-empowerment and further development of entrepreneurs and C-suite executives in the 21st century.

Get on board and join us on this journey!
​It's just four steps, very fair conditions, and no long commitment periods...



STEP 1 – Pre-qualification

Effort:   Filling in the online application form
(Personal data, professional experience, upload CV + certificates, VAT ID, URL LinkedIn profile, URL website)
Cost:   Free of charge
Benefit:   Binding confirmation of eligibility for approval as a registered expert
(Minimises process risk and time expenditure)



STEP 2 – Subscription

Effort:   Subscribing the Enterneering APP based on the monthly subscription
(Important note: registration as an expert is only possible with a monthly subscription!)
Cost:   The monthly subscription costs vary depending on the country, currency, and app store; Price level for example in the USA on 1 May 2024 = USD 31.99 per month; Please check the current conditions on Google or Apple store

Flexible monthly term with automatic renewal if not cancelled

Benefit:   ​Free access to all App content
  ​​Individual, flexible self-study
  ​Immediate use of knowledge and know-how for one's own business
  ​​Self-determined analysis and evaluation of whether and how participation in Enterneering is useful and whether the registration process is continued or cancelled prematurely 



STEP 3 – Online test

Effort:   Online test (max 1 hour) with basic comprehension questions on the approach and key application questions (Requires self-study of the app by following its roadmap)
Cost:   Free of charge
Benefit:   Test result as a final registration requirement


STEP 4 – Registration

Effort:   Filling in the online submission form for official registration including confirmation of terms & conditions and the experts' code of conduct 
Cost:   One-off payment of the registration fee of USD 149.00 plus VAT
Benefit:   Official registration as Expert@Enterneering with a 12-month registration term, proven by a profile entry (Expert standard profile) in the Enterneering app and registration logo (image file)
Notes:   Renewal of registration after 12 months is possible without retesting, provided the expert can demonstrate at least 2 realised reference projects related to Enterneering topics from the previous 12 months;
  Registration is only valid in conjunction with a running monthly subscription and expires automatically within 4 weeks of termination of the subscription;




We are establishing a global mindset and capability-based program for working effectively 'on' the business in the 21st century. We support people in leadership positions with entrepreneurial responsibility to effectively empower themselves and their organisation through the creation of transformational capabilities. We provide qualified experts in coaching and sparring with a holistic knowledge, service, and collaboration platform to successfully support executives in their empowerment.


Protected Trademark and a unique synonym
- a dedicated field of C-suite management
- a dedicated group of experts
- no existing comparable technical term 

Highly frequented topic
- VUCA, BANI, New Work, Transformation
- Leadership, People Management, Culture
- Change, Growth, Innovation, Resilience

Smart market approach
- State-of-the-art APP (Native + PWA)
- Multiple options for advanced features
- Interacting with target groups
- Collaboration of aligned experts