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Enterneering® ≠ Traditional Consultancy

How many consultants do you know who make their approach, know-how, and gained knowledge available to you before starting a project? We cultivate servant counselling for self-empowerment!

Explore all the content, processes, and tools individually and decide whether to what extent and how you want to engage with it. Utilise the right knowledge, expertise, and related practical insights, enabling you to take the lead in implementing effective enterprise development


delegation Enterneering® Approach
Understand the systemic approach at the beginning. Recognise the characteristics of a management and leadership discipline. Categorise the relationships and roles more effectively. Understand our focal points and descriptions better.

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 The systemic 360-degree view of
  Culture ❘ People ❘ Organisation

Enterneering® = Enterprise Engineering by supported Self-empowerment


Enterneering® is not a product, a method, and a tool. Enterneering® is a discipline, a field of activity that is specifically dedicated to working 'on' the enterprise system. It therefore reflects one of the core tasks of an entrepreneur or executive with entrepreneurial responsibility.

Enterneering® specifically addresses the three pillars of Culture, People, and Organisation. It concerns itself with aspects that exist more or less for the entire company and have an impact beyond individual areas, products, or projects.

For entrepreneurs or executives, it is not necessary to master all the Enterneering® elements in detail or execute them personally. Rather, successful enterprise leaders recognise the most essential elements and can assess their significance. They can successfully delegate and control the execution of these elements. Gain more about it by exploring the first chapter (For better classification) of the section about the 22 Elements.

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delegation Enterneering® from a Process Perspective
Effective enterprise development does not describe a one-off process, but rather the continuous work on the company's system. The following stages can be derived: aligning awareness, initial application, initial expansion, and continuous improvement. 

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Enterneering® does not describe a one-off process, but rather the continuous work of company management on the further development and transformation of the company in its core areas of culture, people, and organisation. Nevertheless, four development phases can be methodically derived:

  1. Aligning awareness: When a company or its management consciously engages with the term Enterneering® and its targeted application for the first time.
  2. Initial application: Following the first step, when a dedicated practical implementation takes place for the first time.
  3. Initial expansion: When the topics prioritised in the initial application are supplemented by further topics or other topics in Enterneering®.
  4. Continuous improvement: When a transition to continuous application, improvement, and further development occur.

In these four phases, varying conditions prevail to some extent and different topics take centre stage. In addition, a specific form of empowerment of personnel and the organisation unfolds during these different phases, which impacts the subsequent periods. Effective Enterneering® should therefore never be seen as a self-contained or time-limited project, but as a process that is firmly anchored in the entire life cycle of an organisation. 

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delegation Enterneering® Solutions
From self-study to in-house solutions, benefit throughout the entire development cycle. Find the trail that best suits you by using our Trails Board. You decide whether, when, how, and to what extent you require support. ❯❯❯


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