Elements of Company Organisation

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Elements of Enterneering®/Organisation/Elements of Company Organisation

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In Enterneering®, the fields of action in the area of the organisation focus on the elements with company-wide or cross-divisional relevance. It is not about how work processes or the successful development of individual products, projects, or market access are organised. It addresses the issues that deal with the orientation, empowerment, and functioning of the entire company. The primary objective of these considerations is the creation of the necessary framework conditions and foundations for successful expansion, growth, or even scaling. These elements of the organisation are presented below.

Elements of company organisation


Companies need to be able to blend the essential components of the corporate culture with a description of the company's future path and goals. These core elements are key for developing strategy and are important as a central overarching guiding principle for the management of a business, as well as for its long-term alignment.


Companies need a plan for how, or through what steps, they will achieve their long-term goals. It is essential that these plans be operationalised and converted into roadmaps. The strategy must be both clear to employees and relevant to their work so that they can identify with it as closely as possible.


Growth is at the core of many corporate strategies. The ways in which companies increase their revenue or volume are many and varied. Entrepreneurs need to understand which company-wide conditions are necessary and what is required to ensure that growth leads to the healthy development of the company.


Successful entrepreneurs recognise which business elements need to be maintained and where changes need to be made. They know that change always involves people and organisations. This calls for strategies aimed at effecting and controlling change, as well as helping people adapt to it.


Innovative capability and innovative strength are important factors for success. Entrepreneurs should know the basics and be aware of what is required to create and maintain an innovative environment and increase innovative strength. They must be able to define appropriate measures and deploy the right people.


Networking involves developing and maintaining contacts that can help a business meet its needs. An important consideration for entrepreneurs is the strengthening of their networks. Being at the right place at the right time, talking to the right people and making the right impression, is key.


Governance is the combination of rules, processes and laws by which businesses are operated, regulated and controlled. It is a commitment to ensure that accountability, diversity, transparency and fairness are upheld in the company. The goal is to enhance business performance while increasing market access.


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