TOP Challenges for Entrepreneurs and CEOs

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Entrepreneurs and executives who want to implement Enterneering must start at the point of understanding and awareness. They should read our section 'Elements @ Enterneering' first before jumping to implementation. Therefore our app is at its core drafted like an interactive knowledge book and the first lesson starts with the introduction at Elements @ Enterneering.

What are the biggest challenges of the 21st century for you?

Consider aspects such as:

  • too much stress with too little time,
  • difficulty identifying the right product for the market, finding a sufficient customer base,
  • lack of or shortage of cash flow,
  • developing the right business model or
  • finding suitable ways and means to reduce costs?


Or do you rather think of:

  • extreme changes in a short time and high diversity,
  • great uncertainties with increasing complexity,
  • radical changes in human resources,
  • limitations due to lack of organisational and technological maturity or
  • enormous technical and structural debts (development backlog).

The biggest challenges of today faced by many companies have changed significantly. Buzzwords include Digitalisation, VUCA, New Work, Climate change, and Demography.


Throughout history, humanity has often faced such challenges and changes. Empires and advanced civilisations have risen and fallen. In line with the theory of evolution, adaptability, and resilience remain pivotal. These principles hold equal importance for any company.

We believe that resilience through empowerment is of utmost significance. The successful companies of tomorrow will be those that can embrace rapid and fluctuating changes with simultaneous growth as an organisation. The winners will be those in which inspired and motivated people work within smart structures with high personal identification and self-organisation. Particularly for these reasons, the three pillars of culture, people, and organisation stand as the true key to success. Technologies and products are subject to increasing transparency, imitation, and inflation. A visionary integration of knowledge, skills, and passion in modern working environments makes a difference. Each company is always unique because of its individuality and the personalities of the individuals working in it. We are absolutely convinced that developing this individuality represents a desirable unique specimen for every ambitious company.

Our Enterneering® initiative and our new app are dedicated to this approach. It is about enterprise development in the three fields of culture, people and organisation. It is a structured guide about 22 key elements and their application. The practical implementation of Enterneering® follows a multi-stage approach of stepwise improvement of maturity and capacity over a reasonable period of time.

Are you interested in delving deeper into the concept of 'Resilience by Empowerment'?

Would you like to align yourself and your company with this approach and make it fit for the VUCA world?

It is easy because you are already there!



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