How to align your executive team in strategic management and enterprise transformation

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Successfully transforming a company with deep impact in the areas of culture, people and organisation requires more than just the definition of a responsible body or the delegation to external consultants. This form of further development means far-reaching changes that need to be planned, structured, and aligned within the executive team.

Are you facing comprehensive or profound changes or developments in your company in the areas of culture, people, and organisation? Have you not yet found a guiding tool that can effectively align your team? Have you thought about using Enterneering® as a collaborative synonym, identification marker, and orientation aid for your team?

Enterneering® is ideally suited to provide all those in positions of responsibility in the company with a uniform vision of goals and, in doing so, to ensure a common understanding and basic knowledge. From our point of view, it has a great benefit if the key individuals within your team use common terms, internalise their meaning based on the same basic principle, and execute their activities with a coordinated approach.

This is not just about all the people involved being familiar with the role of the entrepreneur or CEO. Rather, the focus lies on increasing the effectiveness and sustainability of development and change measures. Misunderstandings can be reduced and emotional hurdles removed during implementation. All that is needed is equal knowledge of the basics, contexts, and objectives. It is also helpful to have a common understanding of cause-effect relationships and to jointly understand the maturity level of the organisation or company.

Use Enterneering® to personally guide your organisation through the development process, empowering all key people involved to work together effectively. Ensure that adequate basic knowledge is available within your team, explain your approach and goals, and provide necessary information, further education, or training whenever needed.

Follow our Roadmap for your successful implementation and alignment of strategic enterprise development and transformation.


The Roadmap


Our roadmap consists of five successive stages and other interlinked content areas (field trips, methods & tools, news, etc.), which are referenced by hyperlinks within the individual content of each stage.

​Stage 1 - Awareness

The initial stage focuses on better understanding the structure of the app, gaining an overview of the path outlined, and identifying the personal requirements for success. On this basis, awareness should be created and then a decision made in favour of the roadmap. As Enterneering® is a mindset-oriented process in many areas, the right inner attitude and conviction are essential criteria for success. Effective Enterneering® involves intentional personal development and targeted work 'on' the company. Both aspects signify change and require a certain amount of effort, inner willingness, and perseverance.

​Stage 2 - Preparation

The second stage involves some preparatory content related to Enterneering® and the 22 elements. The aim is to understand their significance and categorisation within corporate development and to gain a picture of the context that will serve as the focus of the subsequent stages.

​Stage 3 - The 22 elements

The third stage is about reading or working through the 3 chapters (culture, people, organisation) and their 22 elements. This stage is like reading an interactive textbook. The insights, knowledge and inner attunement gained from this are the prerequisites for successful implementation in the subsequent fourth stage.

​Stage 4 - Implementation

The fourth stage involves the step-by-step implementation of the Enterneering® approach and the 22 elements, both at a personal level and within the organisational framework of the company. There is a separate process-related phase model for this stage, which is described in terms of content and methodology. The methods and tools helpful for implementation are explained and there are hyperlinks to sample tools for implementation in each individual phase.

​Stage 5 - Improvement

The fifth and final stage revolves around the permanent application of Enterneering® within both the individual and the company. Roadmap followers who have reached this stage with their organisation should have achieved a significantly higher level of maturity and be able to move on to a process of continuous improvement. This phase must be consciously and permanently organised, as it normally has no end date and is not a sure-fire success.


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