New Enterneering® Expert: Bjoern Johannsmeier

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In March 2024, we began adding highly qualified and experienced experts to our app. These are experts who will offer their services in coaching, sparring, or consulting in the context of Enterneering® and support users in effective Enterneering®. In our App, you will find the expert profiles that are currently available. Further experts are currently being onboarded and we are in constant dialogue with more interested candidates.

We are very pleased to introduce Bjoern Johannsmeier as an Enterneering® expert.

Björn is a senior consultant and coach and very experienced in cultural change. He has many years of professional experience as a manager in the manufacturing industry and has worked for many years as a consultant in various cultural and organisational change processes. Björn has been active in C-suite coaching and consulting for many years. During his time working abroad, he also gained extensive international and intercultural experience.

In addition to his degree in business administration, Björn has a master's degree in organisational dynamics and has successfully completed further training in organisational consulting and executive coaching.


Enterneering® experts are available to entrepreneurs and individuals with entrepreneurial responsibility as unbiased, solution-oriented companions who are independent of the decisions in the client's company. They are not afraid of open, constructive dialogues with open-ended outcomes. They profit neither from the application of a specific solution nor from the use of certain tools or systems. Due to their seniority and autonomy, Enterneering® experts can classify each client’s final decision with the necessary emotional distance and guide its implementation without imposing their own ideas or suggestions.

Decide for yourself how necessary and valuable the guidance of a suitable expert at eye level is. We are absolutely convinced that the vast majority of individuals with overall entrepreneurial responsibility benefit from this while effectively working 'on' their business. They achieve a clearer vision and strategic development. They act much more confidently and are noticeably more satisfied in dealing with the increasing professional challenges in the digital era. These people succeed in developing sustainably successful companies and significantly increase their performance and productivity.


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