The 5 Spheres of Activity in Enterneering®

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Enterneering® is not a product, a method, and a tool! Enterneering® is a discipline, a field of activity that is specifically dedicated to working 'on' the enterprise system. It therefore reflects one of the core tasks of an entrepreneur or executive with entrepreneurial responsibility. Get to know the 5 spheres of activity in Enterneering® and adjust your approach more effectively.

The effective examination of this discipline takes place in 5 consecutive and partially overlapping spheres of activity. On the road to success, the right sequence is just as important as the appropriate scope of the work.

Each person has different prerequisites and a personal background of experience and maturity. Therefore, the scope and intensity of the content to be completed or dealt with in each sphere of activity always depend on each constellation. Taking shortcuts based on insufficient reflection or incorrect judgement harbours risks to success that should not be underestimated.

1. Awareness, Understanding, Classification

  • Understanding the approach and the discipline
  • Knowing the main features of the approach
  • Recognising the relevance and objectives
  • Realising the differentiation from other topics and activities

2. Necessity, Role understanding, Acceptance

  • Understanding interrelationships and cause-effect relationships
  • Recognising the importance of alignment and goal setting for the company's success
  • Anticipating the dependencies on one's person
  • Understanding the influence of personal thoughts and actions
  • Accepting general or hardly influenceable factors

3. State analysis, Need for action, Target and action plan

  • Describing and analysing the initial situation
  • Deriving and defining the need for action
  • Formulating development and change objectives
  • Describing implementation measures

4. Personal tasks, Personality development, Leadership

  • Recognising and working on tasks that cannot be delegated
  • Deriving and defining needs for personal development
  • Realising personal implementation measures
  • Recognising and consciously assuming leadership and self-leadership

5. Delegation, Promotion, Sponsoring, Empowerment

  • Recognising tasks to delegate and assigning them to suitable persons
  • Identifying and addressing personnel and qualification requirements
  • Recognising and addressing inadequate working conditions
  • Identifying and closing budget gaps
  • Recognising where the empowerment of people and the organisation is necessary and taking action

The knowledge and expertise in this discipline can be acquired both through self-directed learning or with the support of experienced Enterneering® experts. Regardless of the approach and path chosen, entrepreneurs and executives with entrepreneurial responsibility should take a close look at it, because neither the digital age nor the competition give reason to believe that it is attainable without it.


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