C-suite's role in effective transformation

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'The biggest threat to overcoming transformative challenges is probably not starting with.' This quote was made in the context of a project workshop in Germany and refers to the assessment that numerous companies in this country will have to make enormous efforts to maintain their competitive position. Many of them describe their current situation as management in times of crisis. This should not be a reason for not initiating necessary change. Regardless of how big the uncertainties or the cost pressure are, they are not obstacles to starting the conscious transformation process, but rather manageable framework conditions.

3 things entrepreneurs should know about effectively transforming their company

  1. Companies are complex systems characterised by the interaction of people, technology, and engineering. People are generally the most critical success factor in terms of change and implementation success.
  2. In most cases, transformation begins with the people responsible for managing the company.
  3. Effective transformation of the enterprise system can only be delegated to a limited extent. Among other things, it results from personal, intrinsic, and interpersonal change and development processes.

This means that the most successful companies in mastering systemic transformation are not those with the biggest budgets, the best consultants, or the most complex transformation projects, but those with the greatest seriousness and integrity.

The internationally experienced author and founder of Enterneering®, Sandy Pfund, describes this connection as follows: 'Many companies have varying degrees of difficulty in transforming their products and production processes or the area of their culture and business system. This is often since active, process- or order-related requirements arise in one area, while the other area is predominantly passive and general.' In his opinion, the fact that change and transformation in both areas affect the behaviour of the key decision-makers to varying degrees should also not be underestimated. Transformation in culture and the corporate system often goes hand in hand with personal change, with the decision-makers consciously moving out of their comfort zones. This task can hardly be delegated, nor can it be effectively bought in. Successful transformation therefore depends much more on the awareness, skills, and personal will of the people in positions of overall responsibility than on a specific methodology, qualification, or budget.

Sandy summarises this as follows: 'Putting a suitable tool for self-empowerment in the hands of motivated decision-makers who are willing to change creates the greatest transformational leverage. This is precisely the purpose for which we set out with Enterneering'. Since March 2024, highly qualified experts can also be integrated directly via the Enterneering® app to support successful enterprise transformation. With Enterneering® TALKS, a special kind of transformation-accompanying sparring and coaching format is also available.

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