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In March 2024, we began adding highly qualified and experienced experts to our app. These are experts who will offer their services in coaching, sparring, or consulting in the context of Enterneering® and support users in effective Enterneering®. In our App, you will find the expert profiles that are currently available. Further experts are currently being onboarded and we are in constant dialogue with more interested candidates.

Are you still looking for a smart approach to effective business transformation without the need for massive investment, without complex and self-expanding consulting mandates and without paralysing your organisation?

Sometimes the successful mastery of major challenges begins with small but consistent steps, the catalytic effect of which leads to a real acceleration of change and further development.

Are you an entrepreneur or executive with entrepreneurial responsibility? Are you responsible for the development of the corporate culture and organisation as well as the people working in them? Find the right balance between working 'on' and 'in' the company. Utilise the power of conscious Enterneering®.

The example of Enterneering TALKS® shows you what suitable small steps with a large leverage effect look like from our point of view. Discover the possibilities of practical and solution-orientated transformation support and benefit from the structured knowledge and expertise of Enterneering®.

The cultural change of today is your business of tomorrow!

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Enterneering TALKS® as well as most of the expert's support is now available in English, German, and Spanish. 

Experience the power and inspiration of Enterneering TALKS®. Use the smart combination of regular C-group sparring with other C-suite executives and accompanying one-to-one coaching with experienced experts with a core focus on the evolution and transformation of corporate culture, organisation, and the people working in them.

Take advantage of Enterneering® Expert's support in analysing and evaluating your current situation and your need for action. Benefit from the well-known strengths of Sparring/Coaching in the implementation of your measures. Draw on our experience and integrate structured support from highly experienced experts into your company's action plans as required.



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Access knowledge and get guidance or training for practical implementation. Interact with like-minded people or acquire suitable coaching if needed.

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