2.2 Enterneering® TALKS - Video

The Enterneers® 04/2024

Experience the power and inspiration of the smart combination of regular C-group sparring with other C-suite executives and accompanying one-to-one coaching with experienced experts with a core focus on the evolution and transformation of corporate culture, organisation, and the people working in them.

Enterneering® TALKS is the ultimate answer to the question of the golden mean between comprehensive, cost-intensive, and often imprecisely calculable consulting projects and occasional further training or ad-hoc coaching.

Benefit from a learning, dialogue and training format developed by experienced experts for entrepreneurs and managers with entrepreneurial responsibility that is consistently geared towards sustainability, continuity, real practical relevance and comprehensive know-how at C-level.

Enterneering® TALKS is all about the effective evolution and transformation of corporate culture and organisation as well as the people working in them in the digital VUCA world.