2.1 Enterneering® - Overview and Summary

The Enterneers® 04/2024

Companies develop in different ways. This development is usually characterised by numerous changes and transformations during their life cycle. Some companies follow a real implemented development plan, regularly reviewing, analysing, and evaluating their progress. On this basis, they make necessary corrections or changes to the development plan. They can be described as strategically targeted and actively acting companies. Other companies pursue more generic goals and act mainly tactically and situationally. Consequently, they are more likely to be described as reactive companies. There are various gradations between these two types.

We have compiled the most important topics for active strategic enterprise engineering under the synonym Enterneering®, edited them, and published them as a source of knowledge and a guideline for action. People with overall entrepreneurial responsibility who want to strategically and actively foster the development within their company and among their workforce through Enterneering® want to achieve ultimate success. They firmly believe that the 21st century requires more than successful products in attractive markets.

These people:

  • make their company fit for the digital age, organise effective growth,
  • successfully manage change,
  • recruit and motivate top talent,
  • inspire and fascinate customers and partners,
  • increase brand or company values,
  • enhance competitive strength, and
  • leave a resilient footprint.