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SPARRING/Sparring at a glance

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Sparring/Coaching with Enterneering® experts involve dedicated training, navigation assistance and accompanying support for the implementation of Enterneering® in your company. Situations and challenges are reflected on together. Different options for action are developed and tested. Feedback is provided by a person with several years of relevant entrepreneurial experience. We know the principles governing the individual development phases of a company. We have dealt intensively with the typical pitfalls and regularities and experienced their cause-and-effect principles in our long-standing mandates or as entrepreneurs or CXOs. As an outsider to the company, we are not blind to the business and can objectively identify blind spots, unfavourable circumstances, strengths, and weaknesses, providing valuable insights to entrepreneurs. We can help shape and guide the growth of business organisations. Let an Enterneering® expert help you achieve transformation success in a structured and systematic way by applying our Enterneering® process.

Enterneering® experts are available to entrepreneurs and individuals with entrepreneurial responsibility as unbiased, solution-oriented companions who are independent of the decisions in the client's company. They are not afraid of open, constructive dialogues with open-ended outcomes. They profit neither from the application of a specific solution nor from the use of certain tools or systems. Due to their seniority and autonomy, Enterneering® experts can classify each client’s final decision with the necessary emotional distance and guide its implementation without imposing their own ideas or suggestions.

Decide for yourself how necessary and valuable the guidance of a suitable expert at eye level is. We are absolutely convinced that the vast majority of individuals with overall entrepreneurial responsibility benefit from this while effectively working 'on' their business. They achieve a clearer vision and strategic development. They act much more confidently and are noticeably more satisfied in dealing with the increasing professional challenges in the digital era. These people succeed in developing sustainably successful companies and significantly increase their performance and productivity.

Explore our simple reflection guide to determine if your real needs align with the following points:

  1. Before I make decisions of strategic importance, I would like to discuss various options with relevant experts and develop a structure for action that is as unrestricted as possible.
  2. I would like to discuss significant issues of strategy and development of the company with peers who have themselves had experience in similar situations or company management.
  3. I can make good use of external navigational aid during the transformation to help me stay on course and focused.
  4. Because I always must make decisions under pressure and with uncertainty as well as dependencies, I sometimes lack an interlocutor who is free of conflicts of interest.
  5. I am open and interested in different and new alternatives for action and choices to make my decisions.
  6. I am interested in dialogue with like-minded individuals with whom I can also discuss specific or confidential matters without this directly affecting my work or decision-making.
  7. I need more than stimulating questions and impulses and professional moderation in my work 'on' the company. I would like someone to step into the ring with me, working through individual cases together, and evaluating different scenarios and options.
  8. I prefer direct situational impulses and ideas as well as smart questions with depth.
  9. I want open and honest feedback from individuals who have already been in similar situations and can understand and evaluate my current situation in real terms.
  10. I am interested in case studies from other companies and situations.
  11. I would like to be accompanied in further development in the areas of culture, people and organisation by experts who have a systemic approach and a navigation process for goal-oriented implementation.
  12. I am not looking for someone to take over my work 'on' the company or to whom I can delegate individual content as an entrepreneur.

Can you answer 'yes' to at least 7 of the above questions? Then the probability is very high that a sparring partner/coach can successfully support you in Enterneering®.



Sometimes it's the small steps at the beginning of a journey that have a lasting impact over time. Find out if one of the Enterneering® experts is a good fit for you and request a personal video chat. Get to know our collaboration culture and our systemic approach to serving other individuals with entrepreneurial responsibility at their self-empowerment.​






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