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Hello and welcome to the world of Enterneering®

Visitors or subscribers to our app are often initially faced with the question of how they can navigate through our app and its content most effectively and how they can get the most out of it. We have therefore compiled the most important usage instructions below. We recommend that every user saves this page as a bookmark in their personal favourites so that they can refer to it at any time.

​The Idea

In our "ABOUT" section in the app, we provide a comprehensive overview of Enterneering® and its offerings. Here is a brief summary of the most important points:

We do not sell projects, systems, licences or consulting hours through this app.
We support entrepreneurs, managers, students and all interested parties in empowering themselves and their company in dealing with Enterneering® and in better recognising and formulating their need for support.
We impart structured specialist knowledge, share our extensive expertise and offer an intelligent form of digital support.
We have drawn a red thread through the individual elements and their implementation and created a dedicated roadmap (see below). This is designed to help you engage with Enterneering® in the most coherent and effective way possible.
We also offer numerous practical excursions and experience reports (Field Trips) and communicate the connections and cause-and-effect relationships between the individual elements.
All our content is aligned with the roadmap and can be accessed individually and directly. The content is also linked to each other at relevant points (Related Links).
We offer the possibility to set your bookmarks or to access knowledge and tools through free search terms within our app.
We want to offer both, the implementation aid for a structured and holistic Enterneering® as well as a constant companion for knowledge, practical tips and professional interaction.
In the event of an emerging need for external support in Enterneering®, we want to provide basic knowledge and assist in developing skills to identify and select needs while supporting implementation.

We see ourselves as an enabler for entrepreneurs and managers to fulfil their own role more effectively and to develop their companies effectively. Our app is our platform for providing information and interaction as well as for project support.

​The Users

We differentiate between two types of users in our app: occasional users and roadmap followers. Both types are completely legitimate, and we regard them equally.

Occasional users

We define occasional users as all those who use the app sporadically and for specific interests. These are users who either select individual posts or look for interesting content in the app. The most important characteristic is that these users are not currently engaged in our dedicated Enterneering® process. Occasional users, especially those without specific prior information about Enterneering® and its individual elements may take longer to form a coherent understanding of our approach and to internalise the various connections between the individual elements and their implementation.

For occasional users, our app will probably primarily take the form of a knowledge platform or a moderated, interactive specialist magazine focusing on effective work 'on' the company with a particular emphasis on culture, people and organisation.

A special group of occasional users are those who have acquired the necessary basic knowledge and self-understanding through the book "Enterneering®: Resilience by Empowerment" available in both paperback and eBook formats and then use our app to further explore, apply individual elements, and engage in practical implementation.

Roadmap Followers

Roadmap Followers are the users who have made a conscious decision to follow our roadmap through the individual phases in Enterneering®. They have also decided to spend the necessary time and follow a certain basic logic and sequence. By doing so, Roadmap Followers embark on a personal development process and create the basis for effective Enterneering® for their company, which can also be supported by the Enterneers®.

​The Roadmap

Our roadmap consists of five successive stages and other interlinked content areas (field trips, methods & tools, news, etc.), which are referenced by hyperlinks within the individual content of each stage.

​Stage 1 - Awareness

The initial stage focuses on better understanding the structure of the app, gaining an overview of the path outlined, and identifying the personal requirements for success. On this basis, awareness should be created and then a decision made in favour of the roadmap. As Enterneering® is a mindset-oriented process in many areas, the right inner attitude and conviction are essential criteria for success. Effective Enterneering® involves intentional personal development and targeted work 'on' the company. Both aspects signify change and require a certain amount of effort, inner willingness, and perseverance.

​Stage 2 - Preparation

The second stage involves some preparatory content related to Enterneering® and the 22 elements. The aim is to understand their significance and categorisation within corporate development and to gain a picture of the context that will serve as the focus of the subsequent stages.

​Stage 3 - The 22 elements

The third stage is about reading or working through the 3 chapters (culture, people, organisation) and their 22 elements. This stage is like reading an interactive textbook. The insights, knowledge and inner attunement gained from this are the prerequisites for successful implementation in the subsequent fourth stage.

​Stage 4 - Implementation

The fourth stage involves the step-by-step implementation of the Enterneering® approach and the 22 elements, both at a personal level and within the organisational framework of the company. There is a separate process-related phase model for this stage, which is described in terms of content and methodology. The methods and tools helpful for implementation are explained and there are hyperlinks to sample tools for implementation in each individual phase.

​Stage 5 - Improvement

The fifth and final stage revolves around the permanent application of Enterneering® within both the individual and the company. Roadmap followers who have reached this stage with their organisation should have achieved a significantly higher level of maturity and be able to move on to a process of continuous improvement. This phase must be consciously and permanently organised, as it normally has no end date and is not a sure-fire success.

Tutorial 3: The Roadmap

We wish you every success in your personal development and your effective work ‘on’ the company. Regardless of which path you choose; we look forward to every user and even more to all the fans that may be gained over time.

To follow our roadmap effectively, we recommend using our content area in the 'Elements@Enterneering' section as a starting and orientation point. All areas of the app on the roadmap are listed here and can be displayed directly via a link. In addition, we have added hyperlinks in the header or footer of all related posts on the roadmap to take you back to the central content area and the previous and subsequent posts. For easier re-entry between different sessions, we also recommend using our 'Marked' function in the main menu and saving the most recently visited posts to your personal watch list.



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