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​Who we are

We are the Enterneers® and after years of working as executives, CXOs, or managing directors, we have dedicated ourselves to the vision of serving others to raise their awareness and understanding of effective enterprise leadership in the digital age.

We have integrated our extensive knowledge and decades of practical experience into a comprehensive management approach. We continuously expand these foundations within our app through the latest contributions, new or further insights, or the latest market developments.

We proudly introduce ourselves as the world's first Enterneers® Boutique based in Dubai, Silicon Oasis. Nestled in the heart of the Arabian Peninsula with its world-class infrastructure, we celebrate our individual digital age. With our German roots, a French application landscape, and a strongly engaged workforce hailing from Asia, we leverage a global distribution network with digital connectivity spanning all continents.


What you get

In our Enterneering® app, we have compiled a 360-degree overview of the three pillars of culture, people, and organisation. This compilation stems from our years of experience in enterprise leadership. We have crafted a user-oriented guide for entrepreneurs and top executives to better navigate the VUCA world and build resilient enterprises. Through our app, individuals in entrepreneurial roles will gain access to structured and holistic knowledge about the key elements of successful enterprise development in this challenging era.

Whether you are a CEO, entrepreneur, or senior corporate leader, adopting the principles outlined in this app will establish a solid groundwork for the successful growth and transformation of your enterprise.

Enriched with concrete insights and practical excursions, this app serves not only as a structured source of knowledge and training for modern enterprise management but also as an ongoing companion for your personal development.

Empower yourself to effectively identify and derive your need for action in strategic enterprise development. Do not invest your time and money in consultants who perform your job as a company leader. Take charge and leverage your budget to engage consultants or coaches strategically and based on your specific needs.

Use our Roadmap for better understanding and weighing up your own way of use. Our Roadmap shows how users can approach the Enterneering® app and its content most effectively and how they can get the most out of it. It explains the two types of use: occasional use and roadmap use. The roadmap serves for better understanding and weighing up the own way of use. 

We are at your disposal as a Sparring Partner for all aspects of Enterneering®. Take advantage of our support in analysing and evaluating your current situation and your need for action. Benefit from the well-known strengths of Sparring in the implementation of your measures. Draw on our experience and integrate structured support from our experts into your company's action plans as required. 


Our approach at a glance

Enterneering® = Enterprise Engineering by supported Self-empowerment


  • ​Empower yourself to work more effectively and consistently 'on' your business rather than 'in' it.
  • Use the support of qualified Enterneering® experts. Benefit from the well-known strengths of Sparring with the Enterneers®.
  • Aspire to transition from micromanagement to macromanagement.
  • Continuously expand your knowledge in enterprise leadership and train your personal skills while on the job.
  • Make your company and yourself fit for successful growth and change in digital age.
  • Assemble your individual action guide, save your favourites, and use helpful tools for planning, implementing, and monitoring your goals in effective Enterneering®.


Enterneering® ≠ Traditional Consultancy

Enterneers® do not act like consultants in the realm of strategic management, organisational, or corporate development. Our core aim is to provide you with the right knowledge, expertise, and related practical insights, enabling you to take the lead in implementing effective Enterneering®. The personalised form of our service involves supporting you as a sparring partner at eye level. 


About Enterneering®

The term Enterneering® stands for a thematically focused core activity of corporate management derived from enterprise engineering. Enterneering® is an internationally registered and protected trademark. The orientation of Enterneering® focuses strongly on the so-called work "on" the company and not "in" the company and emphasises macro-management over micro-management. This approach is based on the simplified view of a company as a kind of building, which consists of different layers from the inside to the outside with distinct functions and characteristics. Within this framework, the layers of the company, when viewed from the inside out, are categorised into processes, systems, projects, products, organisation, people, and culture. Enterneering® specifically addresses the three outermost layers of Organisation, People, and Culture. In other words, it concerns itself with aspects that exist more or less for the entire company and have an impact beyond individual areas, products, or projects.

Enterneering® describes the knowledge and skills that are equally essential for all individuals bearing overall entrepreneurial responsibility, regardless of the products they offer, the sector or region in which they operate, or the customer and ownership structure they are associated with.

For both entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, it is not necessary to master all the Enterneering® elements in detail or execute them personally. Rather, successful entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs recognise the most essential elements and can assess their importance for their company. They can successfully delegate and control the execution of these elements.

Enterneering® from a process perspective

Enterneering® does not describe a one-off process, but rather the continuous work of company management on the further development and transformation of the company in its core areas of culture, people, and organisation. Nevertheless, four development phases can be methodically derived:

  1. Aligning awareness: When a company or its management consciously engages with the term Enterneering® and its targeted application for the first time.
  2. Initial application: Following the first step, when a dedicated practical implementation takes place for the first time.
  3. Initial expansion: When the topics prioritised in the initial application are supplemented by further topics or other topics in Enterneering®.
  4. Continuous improvement: When a transition to continuous application, improvement, and further development occur.

In these four phases, varying conditions prevail to some extent and different topics take centre stage. In addition, a specific form of empowerment of personnel and the organisation unfolds during these different phases, which impacts the subsequent periods. Effective Enterneering® should therefore never be seen as a self-contained or time-limited project, but as a process that is firmly anchored in the entire life cycle of an organisation.